Bio-GreenTech is a newly formed Texas LLC based in the greater Austin area with the goal of aiding existing wastewater treatment infrastructure and processes to transition from the traditional model relying on chemicals to the far more effective and environmentally sustainable use of biologically derived microbiome stimulants produced from renewable natural resources.

We’ve spent years trialling & working with plant based bio-stimulant solutions in:

  • Wastewater environments from sewage to dairy/meat processing
  • Animal husbandry waste related remediation
  • Anaerobic digesters
  • Pond/lake clarification
  • Aquaculture production water treatment

Bio-GreenTech is currently setting up a series of new bona fide research and development trials in the United States and abroad in a range of applications. We are working with products we believe represent best in class with proven efficacy that we can offer our clients to ensure maximum success in eliminating odor, septicity, corrosion and substantially reducing biosolids, system maintenance and infrastructure replacement costs over time.

BioGreentech’s product lines offer a range of solutions based on:

  • A bio-stimulant for wastewater remediation
  • Herbal formulas for non-chemical disinfection yielding “grade A” quality recycled water

Our products also address a range of applications in agriculture/agronomy, solid waste/landfill management, AD’s, aquaculture and industrial processes.

We have seen sewage treatment plants literally devoid of septicity, foaming/rafting and substantial sludge reduction as the result of long term use of natural biological microbial stimulants. This is our vision for the world’s paradigm shift in polluted and waste water remediation.

Our team experience includes WWTP equipment manufacturing and distribution, wastewater treatment plant troubleshooting/services, environmentally sound products international distribution channel development, WWTP engineering management, Australian Water Association committee membership, environmental sustainability consulting, biogas production, standing bodies of water (ponds/lakes/reservoirs) clarification, septic systems, dairies and abbatoirs.